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Cardinal Resolve is Utah's premier public insurance adjusting firm, serving: 

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  • ✓ Commercial claims

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Public Adjusters: Serving With Pride

In the event of a property insurance claim, you have the option of hiring a Public Adjuster as your personal advocate.

Unlike adjusters employed by insurance companies, Public Adjusters work exclusively for you, the policyholder.

Some people may choose to hire a public adjuster because of a claim dispute with their insurance company. And some are simply overwhelmed, and looking to outsource some of the claims process.

Say goodbye to the stress of claim handling, and hello to peace of mind with a Public Adjuster in your corner.

Complimentary Claim Review

The Claim Process

Your claim process shouldn't be daunting and stressful, but for some policyholders, it can be.

At Cardinal Resolve, we're here to support you with the claim burden you may be facing, every step of the way:

  1. 1. Consultation

Receive a complimentary claim review, and discuss your dispute resolution options with one of our licensed public adjusters.

  1. 2. Assessment

If we move forward with working together, your adjuster will perform a comprehensive review of damages and your policy's individual coverage.

  1. 3. Negotiation

We advocate for you, working to accurately establish coverage and the amount of your loss. And, in the event of escalation to an attorney, we continue to provide active support throughout the process.

  1. 4. Settlement

We'll see your claim through to the end, guiding you through your policy's benefits for coverages like Replacement Cost, Additional Living Expenses, and more.

A Message from the Founder:

Why We Serve

“With a career serving over 12 years in the property insurance industry, I've witnessed countless policyholders struggle to navigate the complexities of claims, often settling for less than they deserve.

This realization birthed Cardinal Resolve―an embodiment of advocacy, expertise, and commitment.

Our mission is to stand alongside you, working to make sure your policy's coverage is honored, and settle your claim fairly.”

  • Christopher Amateis

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We'll Provide The Dedicated Claim Support You Need:

Repair Valuation

Receive an accurate estimate for repairs without the guesswork.

Your public adjuster handles all the details, ensuring that the repair costs are thoroughly evaluated and documented for your property claim.

Contents Valuation

Your belongings are more than just items; they're part of your life.

Your public adjuster takes stock of all damaged possessions, ensuring every piece is accounted for and properly valued in your claim.

Documentation & Communication

From start to finish, your public adjuster is the go-between with your insurance company.

We manage all the paperwork and discussions, keeping your claim on track and pushing for the best possible outcome.

3 Services We Offer:

Claims Adjusting

Full-service claim help, for almost any claim dispute. From initial assessment to final settlement, we ensure your claim is accurately valued, presented, and negotiated.


Differences in valuation? Our appraisal services offer an additional option to settling your claim.

Training and Speaking

Benefit from our founder's 12+ years of experience. Cardinal Resolve provides tailored training sessions and speaking engagements on property insurance claims topics.

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